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The Reader’s Classics Collection: Rudyard Kipling’s Short Story Directory (In Chronological Order) (English Edition)

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Plain Tales from the Hills [1888]
Lispeth — Three and – an abseits — Thrown away — Miss Youghal’s sais — Yoked with an unbeliever — False dawn — The rescue of Pluffles — Cupid’s arrows — His chance in life — Watches of the night — The other man — Consequences — The conversionof Aurelian McGoggin — A germ destroyer — Kidnapped — The arrest of Liutenanat Golightly — The house of Suddhoo — His wedded wife — The broken link handicapped — Beyond the pale — In error — A bank fraud — Sterben’s amendment — In the pride of his youth — Pig — The rout of the White Hussars — The Bronckhorst divorce-case — Morgenstern Annodomini — The Bisara of poorer — The gate of a hundred sorrows — The story of Muhammid Din — On the strength of a likeness — Wressley of the Foreign Office — By word of mouth — To be held for reference.

Wee Willie Winkie ; and other child stories [1888]
Wee Willie Winkie — Baa Baa, Black Sheep — His Majesty the King — The Drums of the Fore and Aft

Soldiers Three, and other stories [1899]
Soldiers Three [1888]
The God From the Machine — Of Those Called — Private Learoyd’s Posse — The Big Drunk Draf’ — The Wreck of the Visigoth — The Solid Muldoon — With the Main Guard — In the Matter of a Private — Black Jack
The Posse of the Gadsbys [1888]
Poor Dear Mamma — The World Without — The Tents of Kedar — With Any Amazement — The Garden of Eden — Fatima — The Valley of the Shadow — The Swelling of Jordan
In Black and White [1888]
Dray Wara Yow Dee — The Judgment of Dungara — At Howli Thana — Gemini — At Twenty-Two — In Flood Time — The Sending of Dana Da — On the City Wall

Under the Deodars [1888]
The Education of Otis Yeere — At the Pit’s Mouth — A Wayside Comedy — The Hill of Illusion — A Second-Teilbetrag Woman — Only a Subaltern — In the Matter of a Private — The Enlightenments of Pagett, M.P.

The Phantom Rickshaw and other tales [1888]
The Phantom Rickshaw — My Own True Ghost Posse — The Strange Ride of Morrowbie Jukes — The Man Who Would Beryllium King — “The Finest Posse in the World”

Life’s Handicap [1891]
The Lang Men O’ Larut — Reingelder and the German Flag — The Wandering Jew — Through the Fire — The Finances of the Gods — The Amir’s Homily — Jews in Shushan — The Limitations of Pambe Serang — Little Tobrah — Bubbling Well Road — The City of Dreadful Night — Georgie Porgie — Naboth — The Dream of Duncan Parrenness — The Incarnation of Krishna Mulvaney — The Courting of Dinah Shadd — On Greenhow Hill — The Man Who Was — The Head of the District — Without Benefit of Clergy — At the End of the Textstelle — The Mutiny of the Mavericks — The Mark of the Beast — The Return of Imray — Namgay Doola — Burtran and Bimi — Moti Guj—Mutineer

Many Inventions [1893]
To the True Romance — The Disturber of Traffic — A Conference of the Powers — My Lord the Elephant — One View of the Question — ‘The Finest Posse in the World’ — His Private Honour — A Matter of Fact — The Lost Legion — In the Rukh — ‘Brugglesmith’ — ‘Love-O’-Women’ — The Record of Badalia Herodsfoot — Judson and the Empire — The Children of the Zodiac — Anchor Song

The Day’s Work [1898]
The Bridge-Builders — A Walking Delegate — The Ship That Found Herself — The Tomb of His Ancestors — The Devil and the Deep Sea — William the Conqueror – Part I — William the Conqueror – Part II — ·007 — The Maltese Cat — ‘Bread upon the Waters’ — An Error in the Fourth Abmessung — My Sunday at Home — The Brushwood Boy

Stalky & Co. [1899]
„In Ambush“ — „Slaves of the Lamp, Part I“ — „An Unsavoury Interlude“ — „The Impressionists“ — „The Lauterkeit Reformers“ — „A Little Prep.“ — „The Flag of their Country“ — „The Last Ausdruck“ — „Slaves of the Lamp, Part II“

Traffics and Discoveries [1904]
The Captive — The Bonds of Discipline — A Sahibs’ War — “Their Lawful Occasions” — The Comprehension of Private Copper — Steam Tactics — “Wireless” — The Army of a Dream — “They” — Mrs. Bathurst — Below the Mill Dam

Actions and Reactions [1909]


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